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SkyArt is one of the industry’s top providers of turn-key military personnel training facilities. The latest addition to the SkyArt training devices is the Military Parachute Trainer (PTC)

The SkyArt Military Parachute Trainer system consists of three sections each simulating various stages and states of the fall:

Our “Military Parachute Trainer” system consists of three sections, each simulating various stages and states of the fall:

Military Parachute Trainers
Airborne Training Simulator (ATS)

The Airborne Training Simulator (ATS) was designed and built to be a comprehensive, high-tech training solution for paratroopers. This complete system is capable of high-speed traversing, simulating parachute canopy orientation control, descends in simulated actual parachute landing profile, and performing wind drag scenarios.

The system deals with one trainee at a time. Trainees come to the jumping tower, equip their columns, and reserve parachutes connected to the machine. 

Trainees jump from the tower and complete the descent. The carrier returns to the tower and the next trainee starts the jump.

There is only one trainee on the rail at a time to ensure safety.

Military Parachute Trainers
Landing Training Simulator (LTS)

The Landing Training Simulator (LTS) System is designed with high-speed traversing capability and high-speed controlled hoist release function. The design of the Landing Training Simulator allows the user to have a safe and controlled yet realistic impression and physical experience of the descent as if they were in a real parachute.

The LTS allows trainees to experience falls from different heights, typically ranging from 4m and 8m. The descent rate is also adjustable between 2m and 4m / sec.

Each rail system has two carriers, allowing two trainees to practice simultaneously. Multiple rail systems can be constructed in the same facility.

Military Parachute Trainers
Twist & Rotational Trainer (TRT)

The Twist & Rotational Trainer (TRT) is designed with innovative hoisting and rotating capabilities. The objective of the TRT system is to allow the user to train in a simulation of being suspended under a parachute canopy, with toggle controls, and experience various conditions (parachute lines, twisting, etc.) associated with live parachuting all within a safe and controlled training environment.

Parachute column entanglement scenario training is also simulated with trainees to get rid of rotating parachute columns.

All systems are designed with safety being the top priority. The instructor may end the training session by pressing a button at almost any stage of the training.


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