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SkyArt is committed to offering you the highest available quality in material and finishes as a custom design workshop. We work with the most reputable suppliers to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Finishes Explained

Upholstery Options:
Applies to all seating products. SkyArt offers the following choices:

Authentic Upholstery: This choice is ideal for those who want to preserve the seat’s authenticity. Our authentic upholstery is usually made from genuine leather or branded fabric upholstery and is made from the airline’s original cushion covers. The upholstery is reconditioned and cleaned, and some upholstery may include minor wear marks that give the seat that original, authentic feel.

Brand New Faux Leather Upholstery: If you’re one for the finer things, this upholstery is for you. Using brand new faux leather, we dress your aviation memorabilia up in brand new covers. These covers are supple and cushioned, the pinnacle of comfort. In obtaining them, we work with a highly reputable supplier for amazing results.

Brand New Genuine Leather Upholstery: If your dream is to have authentic aviation memorabilia that sits like a Jaguar, this is your upholstery. SkyArt has a wide variety of genuine leather ranging in texture and color. We use only premium quality automotive leather made for luxury brands like Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, and Bentley.

Finishes Explained

Aircraft Skin Finishes:
This can be applied to metal objects such as aircraft desks, wall art, aircraft skin products or any piece of fuselage used in your furniture design. We offer the following choices:

Authentic Paint: Our authentic paint option allows you to revel in the aircraft’s original design as we keep the surface paint as is, with little to no cosmetic alterations. This is excellent for a worn-in rustic look, as well as collectors’ items.

Raw Metal with Stripped Paint: We strip the paint from the aircraft exterior and polish it, exposing the bare metal splendor of aircraft-grade aluminum. This option is wonderful for modern and minimalist spaces, as well as for those who want to restore an old piece to its former glory.

Finishes Explained

Sand-Blasted: Sand-blasting is another popular choice with our customers. During this process, we blast fine grains of sand at the aircraft skin, evening the color and resulting in the bare reflective surface of aviation-grade aluminum.

Matt Satin Polished: Our matte finish is a highly preferred choice, as it provides you with the natural tones of bare aircraft aluminum with less hassle. With this finish, you can enjoy a real piece with much less upkeep.

Shiny Polished: Just like in the matt satin finishing process, the original paint on the skin is completely stripped off. We then polish the plane’s body and shine it up to a high gloss. This is ideal for spaces with minimal color or highly technological looks.

Repainted in any RAL color: You can choose from the universal RAL color codes for us to apply a new coat of paint to your order. The result will be a mirror-like, colored surface polished enough to see your reflection in.

Airbrushed: If you want a true custom piece, the airbrushed option is for you. With this option, we can paint your order with the artwork of your choice, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Finishes Explained

Wood Finishes:
We often use wooden add-ons to break the metallic look of our designs. This applies to all products where wood is used as an addition or accent. Popular choices are desks, tables, and bookcases. We offer the following choices:

Solid Wood: Solid wood is the most popular choice with our customers. We prefer old wood that reflects its age, but we are able to use fresh cut lumber as well.

MDF Compressed Panel: MDF panels are preferred where a solid coat of painted finish is needed. They are a cost-effective solution, however, they will not provide the touch and feel of solid wood.

Plywood: Plywood is used where a clear coat wood varnish can be or will be applied on the panels. As a result, a solid-wood like finish is obtained without the expensive price point. This can only be applied on flat surfaces with no curves.


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