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Environmental Dimension

  • Purpose
  • The purpose of this procedure, which is prepared to meet the provisions of the ISO 14001:2015 standard, is to define the methods and responsibilities for determining, examining, managing, evaluating, periodically reviewing and improving environmental impacts with a life cycle understanding.

  • Scope
  • It covers all activities and related parties that may have an environmental impact within the company.

  • Responsibility
  • All personnel, including the general manager, the integrated management officer and the department managers, are responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

  • Application
  • In all activities of our organization, environmental dimensions and environmental effects related to these dimensions are determined in the areas. All employees, subcontractors, customers, visitors are briefly determined in the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Table to evaluate the environmental dimensions and effects to include all relevant parties and legalrequirements.
    When making these evaluations, the following understanding is acted on.
    Understanding: Determining environmental impacts
    Reducing: Planning and carrying out activities to mitigate the effects
    Telling: Employee and visitors and other interested parties (Certification)

    Phase C: Size and impact assessments and related applications are observed, monitored and improvement-oriented solutions are sought at management review meetings at least once a year. However, in case of changes (activities, products or services, environmental laws and regulations, specified environmental dimensions and effects), environmental dimension and impact assessments are taken into the program without waiting for the Management Review meeting and updated in the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Table. Each unit manager informs the Integrated Management Officer by e-mail, face-to-face, internal correspondence form for changes in environmental dimensions and effects arising from their own activity.

    In cases such as new projects commissioned, address changes, new machine usage, the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Table is reviewed.

    The Environmental Board reviews the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Plan regarding the activities of the subcontractor and our stakeholders who are in contact with our organization and all activities in practice.

    If the remedial activities determined in the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Table do not take place, either Corrective Action is initiated according to the evaluated topic or the risks and dangers that may occur in the Risk Hazard Analysis Form are determined and monitored. This topic is evaluated and reviewed in monthly in-house meetings.

    When determining environmental dimensions,the downs are evaluated:

  • Air emissions,
  • Those who are released into the water,
  • Those who are released ashore,
  • Use of raw materials and natural resources,
  • Energy consumption,
  • Energy release (e.g. heat, radiation, vibration (noise), light),
  • Waste and by-product production,
  • Space use.
  • The Environmental Board conducts environmental activities in the company with the Performance Evaluation Procedure (PR 15); It carries out the actions to be done in case of an Emergency, Occupational Accident, Near Miss according to the Environmental and OHS Emergency Procedure (PR 17).

    Trainings are planned and carried out in order to inform employees about environmental dimensions and effects, the responsibility of the company against the relevant parties, compliance with legal regulatory requirements.

    The announcement and delivery of the prepared documents to all employees is provided by e-mail and document distribution method.

    Taking Precautions: The method of controlling and monitoring activities taking into account the determined severity is discussed in the Environmental Dimension and Impact Assessment Table. According to the environmental dimension evaluation result; the measures to be taken are determined and the relevant section is written in the table. These measures can include:

  • Urgent physical regulations that reduce or eliminate environmental impact in the environment
  • Finding waste sorting units
  • Receiving services from waste disposal organizations for safe disposal of hazardous waste
  • Audiovisual warning regulations and other administrative controls
  • Planning and repetition if the trainings need to be carried out
  • Initiation of Corrective Activities related to the measures taken