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SkyArt’s Integrated Policy has been established to support the efficiant execution of our management system objectives and includes all necessary commitments. An Integrated Management System Policy has been documented in our organization. It has been approved by the General Manager and has been posted on bulletin boards throughout our facilities.

Our published policy is as follows:

•We will meet the needs and expectations of our customers according to the management system requirements, with our management team and trained personnel, by following the technological innovations in the sector,

•We will implement the “Continuous Improvement” Philosophy to the Management System in all processes, internalize it to all personnel and increase profitability and competitiveness in this direction,

•We will continuously develop and improve our Management System,

•We will comply with the legal requirements, standards, and regulatory obligations we are subject to, and the applicable Environmental and OHS Legislation,

•As a company, we will not harm the ecological balance in any stage  of our activities,

•We will ensure that the waste is minimized at the source, materials will be reused, recycled or upcycled whenever and wherever possible, and the waste that cannot be used will be disposed of with appropriate methods,

•We will ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials, and natural resources,

•We will take all kinds of preventative measures to avoid a negative impact on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities, and to minimize the possibility of  accidents, near misses, and hazards that may occur to staff own and others' property at the very beginning of each process,

In this direction, we will increase the environmental and occupational health & safety awareness of our employees,

•We will monitor the potential hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity, and we will make the necessary effort to minimize them,

Bribery, Corruption, and Fraud Policy

SkyArt is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner and is committed to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure all forms of bribery, corruption, and fraud are prevented. SkyArt has zero tolerance for bribery and corrupt activities. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships we build with our employees. SkyArt will constantly uphold all laws relating to anti-bribery and corruption and adhere to the SIZA Social Standard requirements in combating any form hereof.

To whom does this policy apply?

This policy applies to all employees, managers, and owners of SkyArt, including temporary or contract employees. Employees must ensure that they do not become involved in any way in the payment of bribes. This policy sets out the minimum standards (SIZA; South African Legislation, ILO conventions and recommendations, or any other relevant legislation that might be applicable) to which all employees of SkyArt must adhere at all times.


Bribery can be described as: giving or receiving anything from any person (usually money, a gift, loan, reward, favour, commission or entertainment), as an improper inducement or reward for obtaining business, employment or any other benefit. Bribes can therefore include, but are not limited to:

  • gifts and excessive or inappropriate entertainment, hospitality, travel and accommodation expenses;
  • payments, whether by employees or business partners such as recruiters, labour service providers or consultants; and
  • other 'favours' provided to supervisors, such as making unwanted advances, payments or promises.

Company Commitment

All employees of SkyArt must adhere to the company ethos of bribery and corruption. No employee or manager will be allowed to take part or become involved in any form of bribery, corrupt behaviour, or fraud, including the following:

  • Offer, pay, or give anything of value to any person through which one will unethically gain something in return which is not provided for in terms of their employment contract.
  • Attempt to mislead or induce any person to do something illegal or which goes against the company policy.
  • Mislead or intentionally lie to any person to gain an advantage above and beyond their employment agreement.
  • Violate any rules by shifting blame or responsibility onto another employee/person.
  • Fraudulent practices against the company ethos or legislation.

SkyArt is committed to remove and combat any inappropriate behaviour immediately and will not tolerate such behaviour from employees, managers, or customers/clients in any way or form. This policy hereby binds the company to its commitment to regularly discuss and mitigate factors related to any form of bribery, corruption, or fraudulent behaviour.