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Security in aviation is just as important as safety. Any sort of potential terrorist intentions is a great cause of concern for the aviation industry.

The importance of complete readiness for such dire situations is cardinal for all security forces.

Counter-Terrorism Rescue Trainers

SkyArt offers customized training airframes for security staff.

The SkyArt hostage rescue trainers are built to order using authentic airframes. Typically depicting a full aircraft visually intact in all aspects with the landing gear, cargo hatches, engine cowlings, and wings.

Cabin interiors are accurately designed according to real environments. All cabin components are installed including the lavatory cabins, galleys, seating sections, overhead bins, cockpit, and all access and escape doors.

Counter-Terrorism Rescue Trainers

The SkyArt Counter-Terrorism / Close Quarter Battle (CT/CQB) trainer devices are equipped with CCTV and high-tech smoke extraction systems. The cabin design allows the trainees to experience a physical aircraft environment and use real firearms with simulation ammunition (commonly referred to as “simunition”, similar to paintball) and training purpose explosives.

As with all other training simulators, SkyArt offers customisation options with the Counter-Terrorism Training Simulators as well.

The SkyArt Counter-Terrorism trainer is also beneficial for Instructor Certification Courses.

SkyArt is one of the few suppliers in the world offering sophisticated equipment that can handle an operation of a grand scale.

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