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Training relating to abnormal and emergencies are some of the most important sessions and have proved in most cases to be more effective if classroom instructions simultaneously include hands-on and simulated exercises.

Simulated exercises throughout training are essential for cabin crew members to participate in. These include execution of emergency procedures such as those required to prepare the aircraft for an evacuation, ditching or extinguishing an in-flight fire, supervising the cabin following a decompression, using the oxygen bottles and masks, managing passengers during an emergency evacuation, etc.

SkyArt’s hands-on and simulated exercises offer a level of practical experience comparable to what can be expected in actual occurrences. This creates and trains vital skills that cabin crew will use in those situations. Hands-on and simulated exercises should be integrated into any safety training program.

The operator should arrange hands-on and simulated exercises on an actual aircraft when in the absence of representative training devices.

When completing the hands-on exercises in SkyArt Practical Training Stations, it teaches the cabin crew to be highly skilled and proficient during drills and real-life use of emergency equipment.