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Airline operators are legally bound to provide and refresh their cabin crew’s training in regular intervals, following the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), EASA, local and international authorities regulations. The most effective way of complying with the directives would be creating a realistic cabin environment where many in-flight situations are simulated. This practical solution saves airlines a considerable amount on their training budget without interfering with the airline’s fleet schedules.

Besides that, it is not possible to re-enact all situations in a genuine aircraft. Deployment of evacuation slides or a jammed door malfunction simulation is a good example for highlighting the importance of simulators in aviation training.


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We are dedicated to shaping the future of cabin trainers with our creative designs and innovative approach to state-of-the-art training devices.

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We are committed to providing our customers with exactly what they expect or beyond. We offer standard or customized products and services with excellent customer care and global after-sales service.

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We pay the greatest possible attention to every detail in all aspects of our projects and continuously improve to deliver the highest quality products, services. We tend to keep the work steps simple and effective.

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We respect our environment and we are committed to minimizing waste and maximizing creative upcycling of our resources.

We are here to Help:

Consultancy services are offered to potential investors to help them to make the most of their budget whilst staying compliant with the aviation cabin crew training requirements.

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SkyArt offers the best quality/price ratio in this market. Our simulators are robust and sophisticated yet affordable