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SkyArt manufactures industry-leading Aviation Door Trainers conceived using either replica parts made according to the aircraft manufacturer's original data package or genuine aircraft parts taken from decommissioned aircraft. SkyArt Door Trainers are built to order and modelled after your preferred aircraft model. "Hybrid" versions are also available featuring multiple doors from different aircraft as part of a versatile training fulfilment program.

All training devices manufactured by SkyArt comply with ICAO and EASA standards

SkyArt is a leading global supplier of Aviation Door Trainers. You can see a shortlist of references here.

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Door Trainers
Specifically Customized to Train Cabin Crew

A door trainer is a sectional mock-up of the aircraft’s main entry and/or emergency exit doors, allowing the crew to get training on a specific aircraft door type and how best to operate them in emergencies.

SkyArt only uses genuine or the occasional 1:1 functional replica door in device manufacturing.

This is because aircraft doors have a type-specific design and therefore require unique opening/closing procedures. Because cabin crew must be provided with the specific safety training for the aircraft type(s) they are flying, SkyArt provides the most realistic environment for that purpose.

SkyArt offers Entry and OverWing Exit door trainers for most aircraft models.

  • The Main Entry Door (usually called “1L”, the FWD Left-hand side door where the passengers embark and disembark the aircraft.)
  • The Overwing Emergency Exit Door (OWE)

SkyArt offers door trainers as a “standalone” unit (just one door, whether the main door or an OWE), or a combination of multiple doors on one device (like the one shown on above drawing). In other words, SkyArt can manufacture “two-in-one”, “three-in-one” or even “four-in-one” hybrid devices.

A sample to a 3-in-1 device looks like the below:

** a sample drawing of a 3-in-1 device. From left to right: An Airbus 320 Main door, an A320 overwing exit, and an A321 Neo Owerving Exit. (3 different doors on one device for cost-effectiveness)

Door Trainers
SkyArt can create a Door Trainer for Any Situation

Door trainers simulate normal functions of the aircraft door(s), as well as any possible malfunctions (including custom malfunctions you can define), so the crew is prepared for any circumstance at all times. This is a compulsory requirement implemented by the governing bodies of the civil aviation industry.

These are high-technology systems that offer hands-on training for a fraction of the cost of training in a real aircraft.

All SkyArt Cabin Simulators feature “remote internet access,” allowing SkyArt’s engineers to monitor your system health and diagnose any faults. To access this remote monitoring feature, it’s as simple as contacting us for on-demand service. The remote assistance feature will help you to reduce your maintenance cost, allows you to diagnose the faults before it is too late to mend them and also receive software updates where and when available.

The A320 Door & Owe Trainer simulates door system operation both in normal and emergency conditions. There is a functional 1L door and 1 OWE in the device and the doors are genuine (with the occasional 1:1 scale replica) designed to simulate real-world malfunctions. The device also includes a fully equipped cabin attendant station (CAS), the CIDS system and functional Front Attendant Panel, cabin lighting, live and pre-recorded announcements, passenger service units.

Door Trainers
Airbus A321 Neo ACF Overwing Exit Trainer
  • The SkyArt A321 Neo ACF Overwing Exit Door Trainer is designed and manufactured based on the original Airbus Data Package. All functions and operating procedures are identical to those of a genuine aircraft. In addition, all potential malfunctions can also be simulated most realistically. 
  • The OWE door trainer operates as a replica of A321 ACF for training purposes, creating an enriching, realistic training environment.
  • The door trainer is functional from inside and outside with various scenarios such as ditching, emergency landing, obstacle or fire outside, blocked exit, slide inflation failure etc and fulfils all requirements of the Regulators for training with emergency exit doors
  • This trainer is equipped with state-of-the-art, patented touchscreen technology and an optional AUTO close function.
Door Trainers

A330 Door Trainer simulates door system operation both in Normal and Emergency conditions. There is 1 functional Type A door in the device and the door enables your crew to practice in an immersive virtual environment.

All material used in the making of SkyArt training devices complies with international health and safety standards.

Door Trainers
  • The fully simulated L1 door will be developed by SkyArt to meet and exceed all training requirements for the B787 A/C.

  • The B787 aircraft door trainer will be designed, manufactured and tested under the license of the Boeing data package.

  • Flight attendant seats are included in the manufacturing of the device and all cabin warning and instruction signs will be authentically replicated and installed in their original locations.

  • The Cabin Attendant Panel (CAP) will be installed above the crew seats near the Main Entry Door 1L. The original Boeing interface will be used in CAP display screens. It's touch-sensitive display enables the user to effortlessly select cabin control functions. Additionally, There will be an interphone handset included with the device

  • The B 787 Cabin Interior Lighting System will be planned and built according to the original blueprints. Low energy consumption LED lighting will be used in the cabin and installed using clear tube protection. This lighting is connected to the Attendant Control Panel as well as the Instructor Operating Station and can be fully adjusted in less than five seconds.

Door Trainers

The unique B747 Jumbo aircraft door trainer simulates all types of scenarios and allows the cabin crew to practice all real cases such as door operation, emergency operation, slide deployment sound effect and all types of malfunctions. The Upper deck and main deck trainers are available as per the customer’s request.

Door Trainers
EMBRAER 170-190, E2 190-195 DOOR TRAINERS

The Embraer door trainer allows the cabin crew to practice on normal and abnormal situations in real case scenarios. The device is fully customizable according to the customer’s request and can be combined with a virtual slide trainer that simulates the virtual slide deployment and outside conditions at the 1L door. Additionally, The outside conditions can be simulated on cabin windows as well. The device is composed of a 1L main door and overwing exit located in the cabin section.

Door Trainers

B737-800 NG Door Trainer simulates door system operation both in normal and emergency conditions. There is a functional 1L door in the device and the door is genuine or a replica with simulated malfunctions. The device also includes a bonus cabin crew station, intercommunication system and functional ACP.

Door Trainers

The Door Trainer is designed and manufactured for practical training on the Airbus A350 1L main door and cabin based on the Airbus Data Package. Various functions are provided to conduct training in normal and emergency situations. All functions of the Door Trainer are controlled via touch-screen monitors at the Instructor Operator Station (IOS)  and Mobile Instructor Operator Station (MIOS).