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Win Office Desk
Win Office Desk
Win Office Desk
Win Office Desk
Win Office Desk
Win Office Desk
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Product Code: DT-OD-0020
Ready to Dispatch!

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Who doesn’t love the flying experience? It’s exciting, as it usually means that you’re jetting off to a faraway land to see new sights, experience new sounds, and enjoy the time of your life. If you’ve always been a window seat kind of person, SkyArt has the airplane desk for you.

The Win Office Desk is made using 100% authentic components from an Airbus A320 fuselage section. This includes the port hole window still intact attached to the rest of this fuselage section desk.

SkyArt has taken these components from the plane and upcycled them. Rather than being scrapped and forgotten forever, now aviation enthusiasts such as yourself can celebrate the history and heritage of air travel every day with this desk.

There are few desks that turn heads quite like this one, and the materials alone are sure to add a touch of modern luxury to your office space. SkyArt is also ready to customize this aviation desk to best suit your needs as well. From the secondary colors to the dimensions, they’ll work with you to make yours perfect.

Each desk comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, telling you a brief history of the aircraft it was upcycled from.
WIDTH : 175cm
DEPTH : 65cm
HEIGHT : 185cm
WEIGHT : 98kg
WIDTH : 190cm
DEPTH : 80cm
HEIGHT : 110cm
WEIGHT : 145kg
PACKING TYPE : Palleted Wooden Crate
Condition: Manufactured as new using genuine aircraft parts Configuration: Single Finish: Painted Optional Add-Ons: Built-in Power Sockets Manufacturer: SkyArt Aircraft Model: A320   MSN: 316 Ready to be dispatched from Istanbul
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