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The V Aviator Desk
The V Aviator Desk
The V Aviator Desk
The V Aviator Desk
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Product Code: DT-OD-0001
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There are few pieces of furniture that make a statement quite like an airplane desk. If you want to make a splash with your guests and make a statement about your business, the V Aviator Desk is your top choice. This is a 100% authentic aviator office desk, upcycled from the wing slats of an Airbus A310 aircraft. The desk features an aluminium alloy structure that will hold up under any amount of pressure. Each airplane wing desk is handmade to order using genuine aircraft wing slats for a look that is unlike any other.

Sky Art has taken great care to preserve the history and tradition of this plane, thoughtfully incorporating it into a fully-functional piece of aviator furniture. Purchase it stock or have it customized. We can customize the dimensions, colors, finish, and shape of this aviator office desk to fit your workspace.

Never work in your office quite the same ever again and impress anyone that walks through your door with this 100% authentic and genuine airplane wing desk.

The desk comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, telling a brief history of the aircraft it was upcycled from.

WIDTH : 365cm
DEPTH : 115cm
HEIGHT : 80cm
Made with genuine aircraft wing slats Available in shiny, matt or repainted finishes Custom made drawers in center pedestal Bespoke hand-welded, powder-coated cast metal legs Tempered glass desktops Optional power outlets are available Made with love! Configuration: Double Finish: Matt Satin Manufacturer: AIRBUS Aircraft Model: A310   MSN: 476 Ready to be dispatched from Istanbul
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