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Product Code: SE-006-2-FL

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SkyArt offers the highest-quality workmanship on used airplane seats in the world. Even so, this A340 BEA Double Aircraft Passenger Seat is one of the most popular items in our collection. Perfect for the office, the home, or display, these durable and comfortable double seats have been carefully sourced from an Airbus A340 aircraft, then lovingly transformed into premium airplane furniture.

The A340 BEA Double Aircraft Passenger Seat is engineered of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring they'll last for years to come. The seats' extra high backrest can recline backwards up to 120-degrees, while both the middle and aisle armrests can easily fold up to maximize space.

The rear of each seat also features an original folding tray table and a pneumatic recliner. To ensure the utmost authenticity, the seat belts hooks, the magazine pocket, and life jacket compartments are left intact. (the belts and life jackets are sold separately) All seat cushions are fire-proof and floatable and SkyArt is happy to offer optional seat tracks for floor mounting at a small additional cost.

You can also choose from a variety of different upholstery options, including the original airline fabric (subject to availability), faux leather, or genuine leather in the colour of your choice.

As always, each A340 Double Economy Class Passenger seat comes with a certificate of authenticity listing the full history of the aircraft. For high quality, authentic aviation furniture for the office, home, or display, contact SkyArt today.
WIDTH : 102cm
DEPTH : 62cm
HEIGHT : 115cm
WEIGHT : 36kg
WIDTH : 117cm
DEPTH : 77cm
HEIGHT : 140cm
WEIGHT : 75kg
PACKING TYPE : Palleted Wooden Crate
Manufactured by B/E Aerospace Used on an Airbus 340 Aircraft Pneumatic recline With original sound system wiring Foldable service tray and magazine pocket behind the backrest Fire-proof and floatable seat cushions Ashtrays on armrests Optional seat tracks are available for floor mounting. Condition: Refurbished Configuration: Double Operation: Manual Style: Classic Manufacturer: BE Aerospace Aircraft Model: A340  
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