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Product Code: PR-0001
This genuine propeller blade is an iconic piece of SkyArt's inventory.
It comes from a Turkish Air Force (TuAF) Douglas C-47, the military version of the DC-3. C-47 is probably the most famous plane of aviation history and the Propellor Sculpture is the oldest part we have in stock.
It dates back at the early 1940s, about 75 years before today. The blade has been refurbished to its original colors and installed on a bespoke metal base. This is a true collector's item not to miss.
Hurry, only two blades in stock. The second blade is standing on a wooden base, with mirror-like shiny finish

A total of 110 C-47A/Bs and DC-3s served the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Air Force.
But it was the Turkish State Airlines who was the first to buy 30 C-47s from the RAFME stocks in Cairo in 1945 in order to renew the fleet and to expand the existing routes. This was followed by the procurement of 18 C-47As with the sources allocated from the national budget in 1946.
They joined The Turkish Armed Forces in 1948. It was soon followed by 81 C-47A/Bs supplied from the USAF stocks in Germany within the American Military Aid Programme, The shipment started on August 13, 1948 and it was completed on April 24, 1949.
C-47s served in the TuAF for a long period of time and they often worked side by side with C-130s and with C-160s. They flew the “Western Courier” and the “Eastern Courier” routines starting from the Etimesgut Military Airport. They were started to be replaced by the CASA CN-235s in Dec. 1993. Three EC-47s which were converted into ECM planes remained in service until 1995. The last C-47 was replaced in 1998.
Condition: Refurbished Style: Classic Manufacturer: Hamilton Aircraft Model: Douglas C47 Skytrain  
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