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Date : 19 December 2022
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Istanbul-based SkyArt sold a “Door Training Simulator” to Saudi Arabia's flag carrier airline, Saudia to be used in the Airbus A321neo series. The system will be installed at Saudia's Jeddah-based Prince Sultan Aviation Academy. Yaşar Uçkun, Sales and Project Development Manager, signed the agreement on behalf of SkyArt.

In addition to upcycling used aircraft parts and the conversion of aviation materials to bespoke furniture, SkyArt has made a name for itself with its training systems, which it has recently achieved export success.

Recently, the company provided Malaysia Airlines with an Airbus A330 Door Training Simulator and Virtual Slide Training device, France-based Mermoz Academy with an Airbus A320 cabin training and an A350 door training, and Kazakhstan's national carrier Air Astana with an Airbus. The A320/321neo’s Emergency Cabin Evacuation Training system was sold.

SkyArt has previously succeeded in exporting these systems to Lebanese MEA, Taipei-based China Airlines and Viva Aerobus Airports, one of Mexico's major low-cost airlines. These companies were the Airbus A320/321 series door training simulator from SkyArt.

SkyArt recently sold an Airbus A320 cabin training and an A350 door training system to France-based Mermoz Academy and an Airbus A320/321neo Emergency Cabin Evacuation Training system to Kazakhstan's national carrier Air Astana.