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SkyArt: 10 years and the adventure continues


Rewind to April 2010

It all started on April 1st 2010 (ironically, the Fool’s Day) with the simple idea of “converting old aircraft seats for home and office use”.

From the very first moment, it was about creating great designs and artwork that reflected a passion for aviation and the history of the aircraft.

The idea was great; however, we were not sure whether it would succeed or not.


The vision and the winding road to get there

We worked hard towards our ‘great designs’ vision. We faced challenges that seemed impossible to tackle.

We have endured some tough times. But at no time had there ever been a thought of giving up. We always thought, “let’s just be patient. It’s going to take some time, and all we need is just small steps in the right direction. And that ‘right direction’ has also changed a couple of times as well.


It’s all about Team Work!

We focused on delivering quality products and great customer experience. We have set our corporate goals and then built a great team from all walks of life.

We motivated ourselves and the team to believe in the idea, we have established staff loyalty and total commitment to our goals.

We have learnt a lot along the way. We have set new goals, each time harder than the previous one.


And it worked!

Our hard work is has paid off when global corporations have discovered SkyArt.

Each contract has come with its set of challenges but also has also added to our self-confidence and our good reputation.
It is hard to describe how it feels to have the CEOs of global giants at the other end of the line and discussing new projects with them.

Simply, it worked! The world has now become our playground.


The next part of the adventure…

Over the years, we’ve continually evolved our offering to recently include “Military Parachute Training Systems” and “Aviation Counter-Terrorism Hostage Rescue Simulators”.

Our product range has diversified rapidly. The journey we started with re-upholstering old aircraft seats continues with complex turn-key aviation training facilities.

For SkyArt, the sky is the limit. As a team, we are all thrilled to explore new ways of offering high technology solutions to complex issues and stunning upcycled aviation memorabilia.

This is not just a job for us.

We love what we do and  we do it by heart


This is what we call SKYHEART!