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Product Code: SP-007-GS
3 weeks

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Make a commanding impression with this genuine, fully refurbished aircraft pilot seat. Each made-to-order Captain Office Chair is converted from genuine pilot seats and lovingly repurposed into high-quality, custom-designed aviation furniture.

Thanks to their years of service, each chair has seen tens of thousands of sky miles and been all around the world many times. Designed to maximize comfort and authenticity, this piece of genuine aviation furniture sits on a bespoke chrome platform base with 360-degree rotating wheels. The seat itself can be rotated 45 degrees to either side, and the height, backrest recline, and armrest positions are all fully-adjustable.

As each Captain Office Chair is redesigned to each customer's specification, the cushion covers, color, and many other features are all customizable. SkyArt has a limited quantity to pilot seats for sale at any given time, so be sure to act fast to secure your Captain Office Chair today.

All of our aviation furniture comes with a certificate of authenticity detailing the originating plane's history and more. So, you will not only have an authentic chair, you will also proudly own a piece of aviation history.

At SkyArt, we provide only the finest genuine aviation themed furniture for the office, home, or display. Contact us today to learn more.
WIDTH : 60cm
DEPTH : 65cm
HEIGHT : 110cm
WEIGHT : 60kg
WIDTH : 75cm
DEPTH : 80cm
HEIGHT : 135cm
WEIGHT : 90kg
PACKING TYPE : Palleted Wooden Crate
Genuine aircraft pilot seat, converted into an office chair Condition: Refurbished Configuration: Single Operation: Manual Style: Fantastic Manufacturer: SkyArt Aircraft Model: A300   Lead_time: 3 weeks
* Subject to change based on SkyArt's schedule at the time of order confirmation
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