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Product Code: SB-032-2-A
If you’re a fan of the early days of American commercial aviation, these are the seats for you. These business class airplane seats were pulled from a decommissioned American Airlines Boeing 757 aircraft and upcycled by SkyArt. They are in great working order. From your living room to your home theatre, office, or anywhere you’d like to experience best-in-class comfort, these will fit.

These seats offer vintage, 1980’s appeal that modern aircraft seats can’t quite match. They have their unique quirks, which only add to their character. The backrest reclines for additional comfort, and there are folding tray tables located in the outer armrests to hold drinks, a laptop, or anything that you need in front of you.

The large centre armrest features a retractable mini tray, plus these airline seats also offer ample storage via the life-vest compartment in the center armrest. With genuine leather cushions cleaned and maintained by SkyArt, these add a vintage aesthetic to any room and is sure to be a conversation starter.

This seat model is currently out of stock. We have a wide selection of alternatives.
Condition: As Removed Configuration: Double Operation: Manual Style: Authentic Optional Add-Ons: Seat Belts, Seat Tracks Manufacturer: Weber Aircraft Model: A300  
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