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Date : 15 March 2024
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Which simulators will be produced for THY?

RFFT: The company will make a special simulator called RFTT for THY's cabin fire fighting training. In the simulator, which is an exact replica of a real cabin, fires occurring at different points, especially the electronic devices carried by passengers, are simulated.

Realistic training is provided by cabin crew members who intervene with a fire extinguisher in their hands.

B777 Door Trainer: SkyArt will deliver the mock-up it prepared for Boeing 777 series passenger aircraft on door opening and emergency exits to THY.

A321 Type C Door Trainer: With the increasing passenger capacity, especially in the A321 neo series, special emergency exit doors began to be included in the cabin. SkyArt achieved export success by providing the simulator it developed and the systems that enable these trainings to be carried out to many airline companies around the world.

THY ended foreign dependency

THY has been procuring such simulators from abroad for many years. Collaborating with HAVELSAN on aircraft simulators, THY had included Boeing 737NG, Max and most recently Airbus A320neo simulators in its inventory with its localization efforts.

This agreement with SkyArt in cabin training also enabled the purchase of simulators from abroad, which had been carried out for many years, to be prevented. While THY supports a local company, the quality of the products that SkyArt offers to important airlines abroad will also be offered for domestic use.

Regarding the agreement, SkyArt Sales and Business Development Manager Yaşar Uçkun said, “The simulators, designed and produced to fully meet Turkish Airlines' training requirements and international regulatory standards, will enable the airline's cabin crew to use all SEPs for both aircraft types and realistic fire environments.” will ensure comprehensive training in SOP training.

"We are excited to work with Turkish Airlines, our national pride, and we sincerely appreciate their support to Turkish Engineering and Turquality," he shared.

Export successes from SkyArt

SkyArt, which entered the industry with the recycling of aircraft parts as furniture and design, has become one of the world's leading brands in flight training and cabin simulators in recent years.

The company has developed different products such as cabin sections, emergency exit doors and cabin fire simulators for training cabin crew.

Among the airlines to which SkyArt currently exports simulators are Saudia, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Viva Aerobus, Etihad and Air Astana.