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About SkyArt
What do we do?

The "SkyArt" project, which aims to upcycle old airplanes and aviation parts into decorative and useful everyday objects has started in 2010.

Established by Muzaffer Emre Özkul, SkyArt has continuously improved itself in design and technology since the day it was founded. It has diversified its product range and services, first from upcycled aviation furniture to certified civil aviation cabin crew simulators, then to complex turn-key aviation facilities.

SkyArt operates in four main lines of business, all related to the aviation industry:

About SkyArt
- Civil Aviation Training Simulators

Although it slowed down during the pandemic period, the aviation industry is one of the driving business areas of the world economy, which has grown steadily in the last 20 years. In 2035, the workforce needed in the aviation sector is expected to double compared to today's numbers, and this prediction once again reveals the importance of the need for trained personnel in the sector.

SkyArt is among the world's leading suppliers of "flight attendant training devices" needed by the global aviation industry. Cabin training devices, indispensable for quality and practical training in the most realistic environment, vary according to the aircraft type and the purpose of the targeted training. Supported by original software including Emergency Evacuation Simulators (CEET), Aircraft Door and Wing-Mounted Emergency Exit Training Devices (DT & OWE), Cabin Service Training Devices (CST), 'Virtual' and 'Augmented' Reality technologies (VR & AR) devices are quickly recognized and preferred in the world market.

Among the references of SkyArt in this field, we can mention Middle East Airlines (MEA), Viva Aerobus (Mexico), China Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, many private universities that train flight attendants in our country, and in addition to these, many organizations that provide flight attendant training abroad. . UANL (Mexico), Inspire Training Academy (Qatar), Benilde College (Philippines) etc.

A321 neo Door Trainer- Middle East Airlines / Lebanon

A321 neo Door Trainer-Viva Aerobus / Mexico

A320-321 Door & OWE Trainer Extended Version / Mexico

A321 neo Door & OWE Trainer and Virtual Slide Trainer-China Airlines / Taiwan

About SkyArt
- Military Training Simulators

In addition to the training devices used in the Civil Aviation sector, SkyArt has completed the R&D phases of its state-of-the-art "Military Parachute Training Simulator" and the "Counter-Terrorism / Aircraft Hostage Rescue Training Simulator" projects and orders have been received for both simulators.

The "Parachute Training System", which offers parachute training to airborne troops in a safe environment. It is a system that simulates exiting the aircraft, various scenarios that may be encountered in the air and safe landing without the need for a real plane. This electro-mechanical system, which simulates the process of parachuting from the aircraft, allows students to experience the negativities that they may experience during the jump in a safe environment, and to gain the necessary experience to eliminate them.

As a result of the investments we have made in high technology in recent years, we aim to become a world leader and the preferred brand in the international market with special training devices.

About SkyArt
- Aviation Themed Furniture and Design Products

The "Upcycling" method, which emerged as an alternative to the recycling technique and has become a rising trend in recent years, describes the use of various items for purposes other than the ones for which they were produced, without converting them into raw materials.

A good example of "upcycling" would be the transformation of aircraft wings into a meeting table by preserving their form.

We truly love this line of our business. The design ideas are limitless which allows us to unleash our creative side.

With a philosophy of "100 % Upcycling", SkyArt transforms the non-recyclable aircraft parts into high-end furniture and practical every-day objects.

All our designer products come with a Certificate of Authenticity where you can see the highlights of the aircraft's history. In fact, you don't just get stunning upcycled furniture, you also get to own a piece of aviation history.

Among our customers, Samsonite, American Express, Google, Nike, Middle East Airlines, China Airlines, Viva Aerobus, Mesa Airlines are just some we can mention in this limited space.

About SkyArt
- Airplane Decors for the Film and Production Industry

Hollywood loves SkyArt!
Besides the training simulators and aviation-themed furniture, we also provide aircraft movie decors for the production industry. We have established a dedicated aircraft cabin environment using a genuine aircraft cockpit, fuselage and interiors.

Our setup is highly customisable and modular allowing the movie crews to change the layout of the cabin as and where needed. The seats and other cabin furnishings are interchangeable and can be re-configured easily in a short span of time.

As the passenger seats are not fixed to the cabin floor, it is possible to change the cabin configuration in matter of minutes. 

About SkyArt
PlaneSkins: A brand is born.

At SkyArt we are determined to upcycle old aircraft parts at the highest possible rate. We are focused on finding new ways and alternative uses of old airplane parts in our daily lives.

This is the philosophy behind "PlaneSkins"

The aim was to produce "pocket-size" functional aviation memorabilia that you can use in your everyday life.

Our launch products with our new brand are PlaneSkins Keychains and Virga Key hanger which are already available online through this link.

We offer introductory discounts and "FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE" with all our PlaneSkins product line.


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