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Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers are essential pieces of cabin crew safety training equipment. CEET devices allow the cabin crew to practice normal and abnormal situations in a realistic environment.

SkyArt CEET devices help the cabin crew to become more proficient in SEP, SOP, door operations for various aircraft types, fire and smoke training, emergency procedures and equipment, aircraft systems orientation and cabin crew communications.

SkyArt is a global supplier of cabin crew training devices. Our aviation simulators offer a realistic environment and cost-effective training solutions for airlines and other aviation cabin crew training organisations.

Our CEET devices are compliant with international aviation training regulations and they are scalable and customisable in many aspects. SkyArt can also provide state-of-the-art "Hybrid CEET Devices" that combine more than one aircraft type.


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CEET is the industry abbreviation for “Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers”

  • SkyArt offers highly realistic cabin crew practical training devices according to our customer needs in a combination of the latest engineering and software technology.
  • All training devices manufactured by SkyArt comply with ICAO and EASA standards.
  • SkyArt CEET devices are designed and manufactured per the aircraft manufacturer’s Data Package. All functions and operating procedures are equivalent those of the original aircraft. This training device built for training purposes that generates a realistic training environment.
Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers

The main features of the device include;

  • Operation of the doors in an emergency and normal mode, malfunctions
  • Smoke-filled cabin environment and simulated fire scenarios
  • Oxygen mask deployments,
  • Flight simulation visuals, sound system and sound effects
  • Cockpit and cockpit door policies, pilot incapacitation
  • CIDS (Cabin Intercommunication Data System) and interphone system
  • Cabin crew stations, galley and lavatory
  • Evacuation Devices
  • Custom coded, robust and flexible software copyrighted to SkyArt
  • IOS (Instructor Operating Station) and MIOS ( mobile version of IOS) controlled
  • Remote assistance and troubleshooting via internet, remote fault diagnosis system
Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers

SkyArt manufactures custom-made CEET devices for the following aircraft types.

  • A320 Family
  • Airbus A330 – A340 Family
  • Airbus A350
  • Boeing 737-800 NG
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787
  • Embraer 170-175
  • Embraer 190-195

The CEET devices are also available in “COMPACT” version.

All our trainer devices feature “Remote Internet Access” for us to access the system remotely, where and as needed, so we can monitor the system health and diagnose any potential faults remotely.