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Product Code: DT-OD-0005
When it comes to aviation desks, it doesn’t get much better than this piece of aviator office furniture from SkyArt. The Aircraft Door Desk uses 100% authentic components of a few different famous planes and SkyArt has blended them seamlessly for the ultimate executive desk. The door of the plane is used to help support the tempered glass top, while the legs are from airline seats and there are also 100% authentic folding tray table mechanisms integrated into the design.

Imagine all the history that these individual parts have seen over their time. Now you can celebrate that aviation history every day. SkyArt has rescued these pieces for a second life, and now you can own a piece of aviation history with this airplane office desk. You have control over the design and build of this desk as well.

SkyArt offers customizable options for the dimensions, secondary colors, and more so this airplane desk suits your workspace perfectly. When you have clients or colleagues come to your office, this desk alone is sure to make a statement.

Each desk comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, telling you a brief history of the aircraft it was upcycled from.
Condition: Refurbished Finish: Raw, Painted, Airbrush Art, Sand Blasted, Matt Satin, Mirror - Shiny Optional Add-Ons: Built-in Power Sockets Manufacturer: SkyArt Lead_time: 4-6 weeks
* Subject to change based on SkyArt's schedule at the time of order confirmation
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