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Titan Reading Lamp

Product Description

Titan Reading Lamp

Old Aircraft Parts in Harmony

Titan Reading Lamp is UNIQUE!

Titan Reading Lamp is made of used aircraft parts taken from an Airbus 340 aircraft.
Its unique design makes the only one available. That means only YOU can have it, there will not be another one.

Titan Reading Lamp has five main parts:

- The heavy titanium base was once a rotating shaft in the engine.
- The curvy support is actually an old wing flap arm
- The tubing to conceal the wires is a piece hydraulic pipework
- The Lampshade is aluminium and Titanium alloy jet engine sprocket
- And finally the soft lighting inside is the reading lamps of the actual plane itself.

So, we put together some parts that would never get together otherwise and the result is: TITAN READING LAMP

It is truly unique piece of art. When you sit under it, you will be thinking that the parts of your reading light have been travelling around the globe, been to countless cities, endured temperatures between - 60 and +1600 degrees. And here they are now, in your living room.

Built to Last

Titan Reading Lamps is made of genuine aircraft parts. These parts are extremely strong to resist enormous pressures in form of heat, cold, G-Force and such like. You can be sure that it will last for the generations to come.


  • Built using titanium parts of the Airbus aircraft
  • Great design
  • Almost impossible to knock it over by accident
  • Two phased Soft LED lamps controlled by two independent switches (taken from the cockpit of the same Airbus), allow you to have two different lighting ambiences.
  • Adjustment pegs (taken from the service trolleys of the very same aircraft) will help you adjust the angle of the light
  • Frost Glass panel concealing the LED lights.

Don't forget!! There is only ONE Titan!!

 Dimensions: 140cm x 75cm 55 cm Weight: 45kg


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