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SkyLine Recaro Electronic First Class Seat - Double

Product Description

SkyLine Recaro Electronic First Class Aircraft Seat - Double

SkyLine First Class Aircraft Passenger Seat is one of SkyArt® Collection's most comfortable seating products.

It has been manufactured by Recaro, the world famous German seat manufacturer, for Airbus 320 aircraft. The back rest and the leg support are controlled electronically for ease of use. There is also a motor driven inflatable lower back cushion.

Various Upholstery Options

This product comes in different upholstery options (leather or faux leather, both in brand new condition) in any color of your choice.

The color options can be seen on www.skyart.com/colors

Please contact us for other options and prices.

Motorised Controls

All Skyline Recaro First Class Aircraft Passenger seats have motorised controls and they work just as they work on an aircraft. The built in power source works with 100-240V current. Please choose this feature from product options.

Please contact us for other options and prices.


All seats have a hidden service tray inside the armrests. In addition to this great product, life jackets and seat belts can be purchased to complete the set.

Other Specs

  • Manufactured by Recaro
  • Used on an A320 aircraft 
  • 2 Electric operated motors for great comfort
  • Motorised and inflatable lower back cushion
  • Manually controlled ergonomic headrest.
  • Foldable service tray hidden inside the armrest.
  • Fire-proof and floatable seat cushions.
  • Magazine pouch on the back of every seat.

Dimensions: 150cm x 73cm x 116cm Weight: 75kg

Product Code: SF241

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