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Skyline First Class - Mechanic Fabric

Product Description

Skyline First Class - Mechanic Fabric


SkyLine First Class Aircraft Passenger Seat is one of SkyArt® Collection's most comfortable seating products.

It has been manufactured by Avio Interiors, an Italian aircraft furniture company, for Airbus 300 and 340 range as a Business and First Class seating solution. The back rests, the leg support are all controlled manually.

Various Upholstery Options

This product comes in different upholstery options such as the original Turkish Airlines blue fabric, leather, faux leather or various other materials.

Please contact us for other options and prices.



All seats have a hidden service tray inside the armrests. In addition to this great product, life jacket and seat belts can be purchased for ultimate comfort and added value



- 2 Seater, Independent Manual Controls

- Reclining Function (up to 140 degrees)

- Adjustable foot rest

- Additional manual control buttons

- 6 Way Rotating Head-Rests

- Built-in Audio, Video & Telephone cables are included

- Built-in Service Trays

- Built-in LCD Screen Housing

- Chrome Ashtrays

- Storage box

- Aircraft Grade Aluminium & Stainless Chrome Carcasse

- Magazine pockets behind every seat

- New genuine leather upholstery


DIMENSIONS:  116cm x137cm x 68cm


This double seat is sold-out and there is a replacement product:


Product Code: SF126
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