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KSSU Vintage Trolley - Red

Product Description

KSSU - Red Aircraft Meal Trolley

For all your storage needs

KSSU Aircraft Trolley is one of our flagship products. This beautiful meal cart can be used virtually for any storage needs. With matching aluminium or polyprophylene drawers, it can be turned into a clothes drawer. Removing them would allow you to use this aircraft service trolley as a DC Rack or Books Cabinet.

KSSU Vintage Aircraft Meal Trolley is made of aviation grade lightweight but equally strong aluminium. 

It can be combined with compatible KSSU aircraft storage containers.

The KSSU Aircraft Meal Trolley can be used as:

 Service trolley in restaurants-bars, swimming pools, event catering, parties

  • Filing Cabinet, CD/Books storage, clothes storage
  • Mobile drinks cabinet in homes, offices, events
  • Decorative item in homes and offices, with a branded custom design if required
  • And for any other mobile storage needs

What does KSSU and ATLAS stand for?

KSS stands for KLM, SAS, Swissair. many years ago, they united in ordering the Boeing 747 with similar specifications to be able to share the in-flight catering equipment. Later, when the DC-10 came in sight, UTA, a French Airline has also joined the consortium and the initials formed the abbreviation KSSU. Today there are many more airlines using the KSSU Standard.

The alternative to KSSU is the ATLAS Standard, which also took its name from a consortium or airlines: Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa/Condor, Sabena.
In 1972 Iberia has also joined the consortium.


Dimensions: 103cm x 30cm x 84cm
* Drawers are sold separately 

Product Code: TR303
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