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Aircraft Fuselage Panel

Product Description

Genuine Aircraft Fuselage Panel

This is a genuine Airbus Fuselage.

Here is a genuine Airbus 300-B4203 fuselage panel that you can use as a photo frame or decorative panel.
It has travelled the world since 16th May 1979.

Imagine how much has changed in the world since 1979 but this piece of fuselage is still as strong as it was on Day 1.

You can use this aircraft windows as an object for your home & office decoration. It is also an unusual gift idea.

The interior layer of perspex windows can easily be removed to place a photo (or anything you like) in between the layers.
This product is very popular with our customers and can also be purchased in various sizes and colors.

About the Aircraft

This window is taken from an Airbus 300 Aircraft fuselage.

Here is a brief history.


Frame Size: 165cm x 170cm. x 35cm Window Size: 29cm x 39cm Weight : 55kg


Product Code: DF204

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