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Lauda Air Service Trolley

Product Description

Lauda Airlines Aircraft Meal Trolley 

A genuine piece of aviation history.

It has been manufactured for Lauda Airlinesan Austrian Airline Company founded by legendary F1 ace Nikki Lauda. Needless to say, it is made of aircraft grade aluminium. It has access to it from both sides, as the is no "front & back" in these trolleys. They serve up and down in a very narrow aisle on the airplanes.

It is very suitable for use on public transport vehicles, home and office decoration, book and CD storage.

Essential piece of in-flight catering equipment

Lauda Airlines Service Trolley is still fully functional with door latches in good working order and the "lock-unlock" mechanism operated by foot is working very smootly.

Dimensions: 103cm x 40cm x 81cm Weight: 21kg
*Trays sold separately

Product Code: TR302
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