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  • Aircraft Cabin Mockups by SkyArt

Aircraft Cabin Service Trainers

Over the years we developed ourselves consistenly and nowadays we are proud suppliers of aircraft cabin service training devices to major airline companies, universities and other cabin crew training institutions.

SkyArt aircraft cabin service trainer mock-up units are also used by movie production companies and advertising agencies.

Aircraft Cabin Mock-ups by SkyArt

Realistic Aircraft Environment

Our aircraft cabin trainer mock-up units are made with genuine aircraft parts. Therefore they provide a realistic training environment for airlines, aircraft cabin crew training institutions, movie production companies and event organisers who are in need of genuine aircraft cabin interiors. This is as close as it gets to the real airplane.

Cost Effective Cabin Crew Training

Using SkyArt aircraft cabin trainer mock-up units will allow you to save on your cabin crew training budget without compromising the quality of the education. Many electronic systems in an aircraft cabin can be simulated in our cabin trainers. These include the crew call buttons, seat-belt signs, illuminated area call panel, passenger service units, lavatory smoke detector, cabin PA system, pre-recorded safety announcements. All features can also be controlled with a remote control unit.

Aircraft Cabin Mock-ups by SkyArt
Aircraft Cabin Mock-ups by SkyArt

Fully Customisable to Purpose

SkyArt Aircraft Cabin Trainer Mock-up units can be customised to suit your needs and the purpose of the cabin crew training. The setup can focus on different aspects of cabin training, for example aircraft emergency evacuation procedures, in-flight catering services etc.