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We are the SkyArt Team

SkyArt® was founded in 2010 and since then, it has grown to become a global supplier of aviation themed designer furniture, airline cabin crew trainers (CST, CEET, Door Trainers) and aircraft mock-ups for movie production industry . Our expertise is to create unusual aviation themed accessories and furniture for homes, offices, board rooms, bars and restaurants, movie production companies and such like, using genuine aircraft parts.

We are very enthusiastic about what we do and our imagination has no limits!! Our products are designed to the highest standards by a team of professional designers prioritising durability, authenticity and functionality. They can be used as an accessory as well as furniture in many interior or exterior locations.

The parts used in our designs are genuine aircraft parts with millions of miles of history, which makes each one of our products "unique". Many aircraft has come back to life in our designs. Office desks and tables made out of aircraft wing flaps, refurbished business and economy class aircraft seats, designer desk lamps made with genuine airplane parts and aircraft service trolleys are just some of the creative designs we can offer.

In addition to those, we also have a stock of commercial and military pilot seats. Airplanes have very distinctive and functional cabin interior designs. Old airplanes turn into "art" in our designers' hands.

Our designs have proved themselves very popular globally. We provide functional and attractive solutions for corporate boardrooms, offices, homes, cinemas and theatres, flight simulators, exhibition halls, waiting rooms, ticket offices, VIP vehicles, boats, movie studios, TV and game rooms.

We can also provide you with a scrapped aircraft as a whole, contact us for all your aviation needs.


SkyArt at Work
SkyArt Aircraft Parts
An engine cowling being moved
Scrapping a B737 aircraft
An Airbus 300 aircraft cockpit is being moved to SkyArt factory
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